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Simone D.

What works for me would be a long outdoor peaceful walk while breathing in some cool fresh air and feeling that sunshine hit my face. All the while keeping God in my heart and realizing all misfortunes will eventually pass. Time for sure is the greatest healer.

Fiery and frenetic, Simone Dow lends her guitar-playing prowess to the Perth-based Electro Progressive Pop Metal icons in Voyager who are signed to Season of Mist. A seven-string guitarist who has paved her own lane within the metal genre over the past 15 years, Simone’s playing has seen her share the stage with everyone from Deftones to Opeth to Nightwish to Leprous and more, worldwide. Coined as one of the best female guitarists in metal by Alt Press, Simone attributes her distinctive tone to MESA/Boogie and plays the amps with pride.


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