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Tim C.

I never have had very good coping mechanisms in my childhood. I had no good role models and my Mother was mentally ill. My childhood was full of living in constant "Fight or Flight", (which I still suffer PTSD from) never knowing what was going to happen every day. I had no sense of security or a stable home life.
So in my younger years I found music as a way out and my way to cope. Heavy Metal became a way of life. I fit in with these people that loved this music and found my "Tribe."

Over the years live shows became my reason to live and breathe. Then came photographing my favorite bands. There is nothing like the rush I get in a photo pit. It made me feel closer to my musical hero's and gave me a purpose. I focused on capturing moments in time and immortalizing the bands I love.  Music has been my way to cope for 40 years. After I moved to California IN 2019 right before the Pandemic, my coping mechanism changed a bit. Going to the Beach hunting for treasures has become my "Therapy." (I call it "Beach Therapy") 

I still love my music, but there is nothing better then connecting with Nature.  I always put in my earbuds and crank my metal while walking the Beach. I can use both to help cope with life... I don't know what I would have done without Heavy Metal in my life. It saved me. 

About Me

Founded in the beautiful Australian coastal city of Melbourne, Victoria in the year 2003, NE OBLIVISCARIS took the inspiration for their name from the proud motto of Clan Campbell based in Argyll, Scotland, which means “forget not”. From the start, this collective of exceptional musicians made it clear that they did not intend to follow any trends or walk on well-trodden paths. Their first demo, ‘The Aurora Veil’ (2007) had a massive impact in the metal underground far beyond the fifth continent and already their debut full-length ‘Portal of I’ (2012) reached mainstream music press, which praised a unique array of influences and the characteristic virtuoso violin.

NE OBLIVISCARIS immediately climbed remarkably higher on the ladder with sophomore opus ‘Citadel’




Parallel to their success on a critical level and with an ever-growing host of die-hard fans, the Australians increased their reputation as an excellent live act with extensive touring literally around the globe. The financial base for this was laid by NE OBLIVISCARIS’ ground-breaking use of modern day crowd-funding campaigns. This includes an ongoing Patreon membership scheme under the moniker The Ne Obluminati, which is revolutionizing the relationship between band and fans by using the ancient concept of patronage in today’s democratic setting.

‘Urn’ will lift NE OBLIVISCARIS to the next level. Outstanding musicianship meets excellent songwriting and a firework of brilliant ideas. Evening out the scales between extreme and progressive metal, the Aussies carve their own path. Spin ‘Urn’ on heavy rotation and NE OBLIVISCARIS will take you to a whole new dimension of musical delights.

(2014) by adding avant-garde approaches including jazz, flamenco, progressive rock, and many other wide-ranged influences to their solid metal base.